Case Study Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water ,Doncaster

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The installation of aAdvetec P200SD Dispenser took place in March 2010

The KPI’s were to determine that the introduction of Advetec 440 product into the collection system which was being fed from a Restaurant would reduce the existing FOG build up and aid in maintaining flow to sewer thus reducing odours. This sewer had a problem in that landslip had created a raised section that required monthly pressure washing. The build up of FOG exacerbated the problem in that it caused liquid to build up behind the raised section and flood the customer’s facility. Advetec were asked to undertake a short treatment to clear the existing FOG and help keep the line open until significant groundwork’s could be undertaken to rectify the physical problem. A multitude of physical and chemical treatments had been tried in the past under direct supervision of YW staff with no improvement. The site had therefore been designated as a site which required and constant monitoring which had substantially increased the operating costs and was creating an untenable situation for both YW and the Customer.

An Advetec P200 dispenser was installed dispensing 100ml of Advetec 440 into the drain system by suspending a unit under the manhole cover. Yorkshire Water had been physically cleaning this drain every month/two months to keep the liquid flowing. Yorkshire Water instigated the installation by Advetec Limited as the bio-stimulant product was a safe natural product that would not require additional treatments to neutralise.

After installation of the Advetec equipment and the dosing of Advetec 440 the drain remained clear and no further blockages occurred. The physical works were undertaken in July at which time our treatment ceased.

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