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Cooling Water Treatment

Water is an exceptional resource that contains rich minerals. Industries and manufacturing units are using water as a coolant application for cooling water treatment plants. Increased consumption of water using as coolant by commercial, manufacturing and industrial sectors decreases the availability of best quality water and also increased the cost. This high cost has challenged…
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How water recycling helps environment

Water is one of the basic needs of living being. Human life is sustained upon fresh water. Clean water is one of the best nutrients that can be consumed for healthy life. During this decades the consumption of fresh water has been increased and availability of fresh water has been decreased. This happened due to…
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Waste Management in Food Industries

The UAE is increasingly becoming a major destination for the global tourists and business managers, thereby increasing the necessity for responsible hospitality services. This has in turn increased the number of hotels and the productivity in the food industry has risen to meet the demand. Waste management is one of the major concerns in the…
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