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ETP-Effluent Treatment Plant

The various factories in the different types of manufacturing industries like textile, dyes, chemical manufacturing industries, pharmaceuticals, etc consume a lot of water for production. These processes leave the water highly contaminated and polluted, causing a threat to the environment and also resulting in a lot of residual waste water. It is essential to purify…
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Air stream odour control

ODR8TM For the complete elimination of offensive odours including hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, organic sulphur and nitrogen compounds ODR8TM provides unique solutions for a wide range of odour control problems, in a range of environments including areas such as — Sewage Treatment — Landfill — Waste Transfer Station — Abattoirs — Pump Stations — Composting —…
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Bio-Tech Products

  ADVETEC 100 - Waste Water. ADVETEC 100 is an intra-cellular micro-nutrient additive for application within a wastewater treatment works. The product is used to combat fats, oils and greases at the bar screens and throughout the wastewater treatment works resulting in reduced hydrogen sulphide production and the associated corrosive degradation of the plant. By…
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