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Mathew Tharakan -Managing Director

Mathew Tharakan Managing Director

Mathew Tharakan is a Chemical Engineer from India and has been in the field of water and waste water treatment in the UAE since 1996. He has worked his way to the top and has successfully headed Company operations, whilst working. He has been actively involved in waste water treatment, being one of the pioneers to venture into MBR technology in the Gulf region, with the installation and commissioning of a 300 m3/day STP for Sharjah Municipality in the year 2002, using Zee weed membranes from Zenon (now part of GE Water).

Mathew has been instrumental in getting the project for Emvees for the first ever replacement of MBR membranes using Silicon Carbide membranes, for the ETP at an edible oil factory in the UAE. He has also been associated with having the first organic solid waste management system at two leading food factories in the UAE, wherein the solid waste is reduced by 90-95% of the total quantity.

Mathew has successfully handled operations with world renowned companies like, Zenon (now part of GE Water), Cembrane, Advetec to name a few. Mathew adds a wealth of experience to the Emvees team.


Craig Shaw-Advetec

Born in Sheffield, Craig grew up in the engineering capital of the world. He followed the City & Guilds apprentice engineering course and achieved a HND in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in hydraulics and pneumatics. When the steel industry declined, Craig moved into offshore work as a commercial diver and dive superintendent. Craig’s ability to learn, adapt and develop saw him quickly move to design and development of deep-water exploration equipment, which started him on his exploration of the ocean. This led to Technical Sales and Marketing positions with Sub Sea Services, Divex and Submarine Products, working all around the world. In 1994 Craig moved to the Bermuda and built up a successful commercial and recreational diving operation. Craig’s return to the UK saw him take a business development role with PADI, his responsibilities had him establish over 1000 new business in 5 years across, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Craig had become increasingly aware of pollution and its affects on the oceans and environment. He decided to channel his energies into looking at environmentally friendly ways to reduce and remediate waste and this led to the birth of Advetec. Craig developed products and equipment that would increase the breakdown of waste liquids and solids by naturally occurring microorganisms. He formed relationships with commercial companies performing efficacy and efficiency trials on microbes and the enhancement of their activity in a variety of liquid and solid waste streams. Craig is ideally suited to manage this business, his passion and enthusiasm are the dynamic force behind it and his constant drive to find more solutions for other wastes will only enhance this already flourishing company.

Sebastian Andreassen - CCO, CEMBRANE A/S

Sebastian Andreassen

Sebastian is from Copenhagen in Denmark and holds a Masters’ degree in Science and  Engineering from AAU University Denmark. Having been assigned to various engineering fields, Sebastian set his mind and passion for silicon carbide membranes and has been in the same field for the last ten years. Sebastian has the insight that led him to believe in the use of silicon carbide membranes for water and waste water treatment applications. The initial years with silicon carbide was mainly for catalytic converters in the automobile industry. The foray into water and waste water application of silicon carbide, was at the behest of Sebastian, who very quickly rose in ranks to head the International Sales division at the SiC  manufacturing facility in Copenhagen.

Sebastian co-founded Cembrane A/S, near Copenhagen in Denmark. This facility is one of the largest manufacturer of  silicon carbide membranes for water and waste water treatment. The Company has grown leaps and bounds under Sebastian’s astute business sense and management style.