Water Filtration And Softener System
Fully Assembled RO Plant

Waste Water Treatment Solutions in UAE


Industrial Water Treatment

We offer Anaerobic Treatment followed by Aerobic Treatment to decrease BOD/COD levels from wastewater. We provide design, supply chemicals, Installation & commissioning, operation & maintenance, of ETP's.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Emvees offers design & revamp, supply chemicals & consumables, installation & commissioning of packaged STP’s from Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR’s) to biological processes.

Organic Waste Management

Emvees with years of experience in Organic Waste Treatment by the use of BIO THERMIC DIGESTER technology which has capacity to reduce more than 95% of Organic waste.

Filteration Systems & Reverse Osmosis

Emvees offer robust state of art filtration systems and reverse osmosis plants - including re-usable water from treated sewage effluent (TSE) using Ultra Filtration followed by Reverse Osmosis.


We, at Emvees, developed a unique Vehicle Wash Water Recycling Technology using Silicon Carbide membranes, focusing to meet the Recycling standards for reuse of water.

Odor control Chemicals & other Products

We offer a wide range of Water Treatment Products such as water treatment chemicals, Softeners & Filtration Systems, Chemicals for Cooling Towers, Odour control systems and more...

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